Lend Lease lands in Asia

HSBC helps Australian construction giant with a landmark US dollar bond issuance into Asia

HSBC helps Australian construction giant with a landmark US dollar bond issuance into Asia

China’s global future, RMB and reform

New Zealand’s milk turns sour

Australia’s links to China are set to broaden

Australia opens up to RMB

Australia and Asia: the next chapter

Speech by James Hogan, Head of Commercial Banking for HSBC Australia, at the CFO Forum in Sydney, May 2016.

Deeper relationships and partnerships the key to doing business in China

Australian businesses that look beyond the deal, take time to build meaningful relationships with business partners and show commitment to the market, will prosper in China, according to senior executives speaking at the HSBC Australia-China conference on 6 November 2015.

Streamlined financial management for corporates in China

Authorities in China are rapidly reforming their financial regulations and architecture, allowing faster payments, easier flow of inbound and outbound overseas payments out of the country and more streamlined financial structures for Corporates, HSBC Australia-China conference heard on 6 November 2015.

Avoid delays and costs when trading internationally

By failing to understand the importance of correct documentation, businesses can increase the risk of delays and costs.

Basel III, liquidity and value creation

There has been considerable discussion about the implications for corporates regarding the implementation of measures relating to Basel III. Some have forecast diminished capacity for bank lending and increasing costs thereof. At the same time, as Thomas Schickler, Global Head of Liquidity and Investments at HSBC, explains, the real impact and even opportunity for a corporate treasury perspective depends upon both the individual bank and the extent of the treasury's engagement.

HSBC the top international trade bank in Australia

Market research reaffirms the strength of our Global Trade and Receivables Finance (GTRF) franchise in Australia

Strategies for entering a new market

Stronger US/ASEAN trade cooperation will help offset economic doldrums

The US/ASEAN Summit should be viewed as a very welcome development for Asia against a backdrop of clearly moderating economic growth

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