Energy & Utilities

Optimising energy consumption

Building-management companies and manufacturers are increasingly optimising their energy consumption, within their own company and of the buildings they manage. This entails internal temperature and lighting controls, architectural modifications and energy-saving machinery. In order to address questions about future energy supply, companies are rapidly developing optimisation technologies, which have the benefit of providing immediate and significant financial rewards. The Economist Intelligence Unit spoke to Didier Teirlinck, executive vice-president for the climate segment at Ingersoll Rand, an Irish manufacturing group, to get a comprehensive view of trends in energy optimisation for large-scale consumers.

Risky business

Does climate-change policy pose a risk for the world's oil, gas and coal industries? asks Peter Kiernan, lead energy analyst at The Economist Intelligence Unit

Shale oil dynamics

Since 2008 the production of shale oil (oil held in shales and other rock formations from which it will not naturally flow freely) in America has surged from 600,000 to 3.5m barrels per day, as reported by the Energy Information Administration. How is the take-up of shale oil sources in the US affecting the global energy market? asks Joan MacNaughton, executive chair of the World Energy Trilemma for the World Energy Council.

Diversification Leads to Global Success for H2O Innovation

These likely economic powerhouses have young populations, growing wealth and good trade links

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