The 5 lessons of Singapore

The picture emerging for Singapore is one of optimism and opportunity.

The picture emerging for Singapore is one of optimism and opportunity.

ASEAN and the AEC: Diversity Epitomised

Un entretien avec Eric Sansay, Directeur Général délégué aux Finances d’eXcent

« La richesse technologique des PME de l’aéronautique peut bénéficier à une large gamme de secteurs de l’économie française »

Un entretien avec Danielle Poujol, directrice générale de Business Success Initiative

« Nous cherchons en permanence à développer un maximum de nouveaux produits et services »

Un entretien avec Cédric Barbe, directeur général du groupe Dedienne Aerospace

CEO Insights: Allan Zeman on Leadership

Allan Zeman, Chairman of Lan Kwai Fong Holdings Ltd shares his insights on what makes a great leader

Recent price falls can be justified without pronouncing the end of the commodities supercycle, says Caroline Bain, senior commodities editor at the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Global Supply Chain Insights

Roger McNicholas, PwC LLP and Simon Constantinides, Regional Head of Trade and Receivables Finance, Asia Pacific, share supply chain insights and best practice from leading global businesses.

Strategies for entering a new market

Simon Constantinides, HSBC’s Regional Head of Global Trade and Receivables Finance for Asia Pacific, explains why ASEAN-based companies, as well as those further afield, are well-positioned to capitalise on the opportunities made possible by regional trade flows and the unique resources of each member state.

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