Beyond the eurozone's bounce-back

A broader policy response is needed to turn the consumer-led upturn into a lasting recovery

A broader policy response is needed to turn the consumer-led upturn into a lasting recovery

Economic surrealism

Few gain from cheap oil

Even many energy importers have benefitted little

Asia feels deflated

Cheaper oil and monetary easing have done little for languishing economies

A win for Alibaba

Why Amazon opened a shop on Tmall

Made in Ethiopia: The rise of the textile industry

Based in northern Ethiopia, Kebire Enteprises is a rapidly growing conglomerate, with activities spanning across textiles, shoe making, leather tanning, cotton production and even tourism. The company’s ambition is to become Africa’s leading textile manufacturer by 2017, reaching US$20m in exports, up from US$6m in 2013. The Economist Intelligence Unit spoke to Kebire’s chief executive officer, Fassil Tadesse, to find out how the textile industry in Ethiopia has developed and what its future holds.

Internationalisation and innovation – Drivers of China’s global future

China’s integration into the global markets will soon happen. According to speakers at the HSBC Forum, RMB, Reform and China’s Global Future, this will be driven by financial reforms, greater usage of the RMB abroad, and increased interconnectivity through the Internet and high-demand, high-value industries.

India’s Changing IT Landscape

In India, government and trade body initiatives in technology are transforming society. A former president of the IT Chamber of Commerce discusses some of these efforts and achievements

Strategies for entering a new market

How Sunseeker rides the global economic waves

How do you plot a smooth course to expand in emerging markets when you are dependent on a myriad of factors – from international business regimes to multiple small suppliers? Yacht producer Sunseeker reveals how it takes the right track for steady growth

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