When the values drive the business

Both Jørgen Knudstorp and Bethlehem Alemu stress that cultural and ethical values are infused in their business operations and are essential for their profitability. Is this a glimpse of how business will look in future and can companies hold on to these principles as they grow bigger?

Going global: Partnership or Acquisition

Sir Martin Sorrell and Sunil Mittal used different but highly successful strategies to construct giant businesses across borders.

Brands glitter in China

When Martin asks Carlos what it would take to launch a brand in China, he gets the answer of ‘10 years and several million dollars'. But digging deeper, what are the lessons other entrepreneurs should consider in launching a new brand in China?

The Art of Diversification

When asked about his strategy to turn around his family textile business by diversifying into pharmaceuticals Ajay Piramal says people thought it was 'crazy'. He proved them wrong – so how did he make diversification work for his business?

Keep a strong supply chain

Frederico Curado says Embraer can assemble a plane in a few weeks – but marshalling parts from 700 overseas suppliers has a lead-time of 15 months.

A low-cost model for the world

David Neeleman of Azul and Four Seasons’ Kathleen Taylor are acutely aware of the challenges they face in serving the customer in new markets. What innovation in products and processes are other international businesses using to lower their price points and serve new consumer groups?

Taking leadership global

Carlos Ghosn of Renault-Nissan and HCL’s Vineet Nayar run businesses that have put aside strong national roots in order to cross borders and go global. What does cross-cultural leadership look like and how can it be developed?

Building resilient businesses

Petrochem’s Yogesh Mehta and Nick Wheeler of Charles Tyrwhitt have taken measures to make their firms more resilient to future crises – what strategies can businesses use to withstand this type of unforeseen disruption?