The changing face of Consumer Demand – Is your business ready?

Changing demographics and consumer behaviours will present new opportunities to agile businesses in the coming decades whilst posing threats to some established marketing strategies, according to HSBC’s Future of Consumer Demand report.

Customer Service

Medanito: A Three Dimensional Banking Relationship

Argentine oil and gas company Medanito first worked with HSBC in 1999. Since then, the relationship has become increasingly three dimensional in terms of length, breadth and depth. Mario Santarelli, Medanito's CFO, outlines its evolution and benefits


Lessons from Scandinavia

Central banks elsewhere can learn from different approaches in Nordic countries


Trade Winds: shaping the future of international business

The world is entering a third phase of globalisation that will boost trade, change the way companies work and improve the quality of life of millions of people, according to a new HSBC report.


Businesses should focus on boosting trade in services

Our annual forecast for global exports helps clients prepare for the future as far ahead as 2030.