Asia’s exporters roll-up their sleeves

Asia’s competitiveness is slipping. The region is losing market share in global trade and the impact on trade flows and current accounts has significant implications.

Asia trade: shaping the 21st century

Change in China is having an impact on patterns of trade around the world

The government unveiled a revised national automotive policy (NAP) on January 20th that aims to turn Malaysia into a regional hub for energy-efficient vehicle manufacturing.

One measure of economic output, the Industrial Production Index (IPI), pointed to healthy gains in January. According to the Department of Statistics, the IPI increased by 3.6% year on year in January, marking ten consecutive months of gains.

Excitement over the ASEAN free-trade zone is hotting up as Thailand's Central Pattana expands into Malaysia.

Asia infrastructure shortfall

Asia’s great migration is changing the face of the continent’s cities on an unprecedented scale.