Unfinished eurozone business

Closer integration necessary to revive the currency zone

Eurozone gives a little credit

ECB action is finally reviving bank lending

Beyond the eurozone's bounce-back

A broader policy response is needed to turn the consumer-led upturn into a lasting recovery

The work companies had to do in order to comply with SEPA has put them in an ideal position to centralise their treasury structures. Moving further away from paper-based to electronic and mobile payments will also enable a greater degree of centralisation and offer much more flexibility in how companies transact business. However, there is still work to be done as it relates to innovative payments in the post-SEPA environment

Google Hangout - Trade Outlook: 2016 and Beyond

Gain insight about the future of trade and what it means for your business.

New HSBC Trade Forecast Reports

Import volumes in developed economies remain relatively robust, according to the HSBC Trade Forecast

Trade Winds: shaping the future of international business

The world is entering a third phase of globalisation that will boost trade, change the way companies work and improve the quality of life of millions of people, according to a new HSBC report.

Trade Winds: video

The world is entering a third phase of globalisation that will boost trade, change the way companies work and improve the quality of life of millions of people, according to a new HSBC report.

Connecting for Growth -  Growth Through New Markets

Antony Joseph, Creative Director and Richard Joseph, Managing Director of Joseph Joseph talk us through how they have grown through connecting internationally.

From treasury to procurement

Making the business case for a successful Supply Chain Finance programme.

Selecting a finance partner

While selecting a banking partner (or partners) to help establish and grow a Supply Chain Finance (SCF) programme may seem straightforward, many buyers ultimately underestimate its complexity.

Moving beyond buy-in

The challenges of implementing a Supply Chain Finance programme.

HSBC named Best Cash Management Bank in the World

For an unprecedented fourth year in a row, HSBC has been awarded Best Cash Management Bank for corporates in Euromoney magazine’s Global Cash Management Survey

Spanish bulls

Spain is attracting interest from wealthy Chinese

Germany needs skilled labour

Early-retirement and minimum wage are shrinking the employment pool

Lessons from Scandinavia

Central banks elsewhere can learn from different approaches in Nordic countries

UK – the Unproductive Kingdom

Faster productivity growth is vital to support growth in British wages

The commodity prices wake

Falling metal and food prices are bad for world economic growth

Growing Your Sales and Distribution Chain

Expanding your sales and distribution chain into new markets is an important strategic step and some of the factors that will have a major bearing on its success are not always immediately obvious. Ali Ansari, GTRF Global Head of Business Development for Large Corporates, Commercial Banking at HSBC, examines five important considerations that can facilitate the process and improve the final outcome

UK austerity: the second half

Summer budget cuts welfare and raises wages but relies on improved productivity

Ceemea region stalls

No easy answers for Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East

Capitalising on your SEPA investment: making the move to a centralised treasury

Post-SEPA migration we take a closer look at various treasury structures for centralising processes using the SEPA model and XML messaging standards

Finding commodities’ new normal

Emerging markets should provide the demand to support collapsed prices

The global investment puzzle

Weak capital spending holds back growth

Monopoly money

London developers woo deep-pocketed Chinese homebuyers

Supermarkets strike back

The UK’s major food retailers can recover from their errors

Storing up sunshine

Lithium-ion batteries mean evolution for energy storage, not revolution