The eurozone’s creeping danger

The eurozone’s gradual recovery continues, with share prices well up and peripheral countries’ bond yields at four-year lows

Focus: World GDP

Four years after the worst of the financial crisis and the world appears to be faltering again.

The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the Central Bank of Turkey left its short-term interest rates unchanged at its monthly meeting on September 17th.

Romania has embarked on a process of export-driven growth in the first five months of 2013, with demand for exports offsetting falling domestic consumption and gross fixed capital formation. This has boosted industrial output and services to industry, although domestic retail trade and construction remain depressed.

Figures published by Statistics Finland show industrial output fell by 5.9% year on year in May (working-day adjusted), following an even sharper 8.7% decline in April. Moreover, the value of new orders in the manufacturing sector slumped by 8.6% year on year in May, after a 1.9% contraction in April.

A checklist for investing in the UK

Mike Curran of PwC highlights the key factors that companies should consider when establishing a presence in the United Kingdom.

Pressure cooker conditions lead to innovation

With Apple moving back to the US from China and Chinese companies opening manufacturing bases in the States, we’re starting to see changes that promise opportunities for businesses that embrace innovation in all its forms.

Closing Turkey's energy deficit

As Turkey strives to meet the increasing energy demands of a growing population, a privatisation programme means opportunities are emerging for inward investment.

Last year's results for commercial vehicle makers were mixed at best, and prospects for 2014 are uncertain.

Working Capital 2.0

The working capital strategy that saw your company through the financial crisis may now negatively impact your chances of benefiting from the economic growth that is gradually reappearing.

Aysen Zamanpur: Mother first CEO second

Aysen Zamanpur, Founder & CEO of Silk & Cashmere discusses how she maintains a work-life balance

Is a trading partner really what they seem?

From the appearance of a letterhead to a company’s website, there are some key warning signs to look out for when starting a trading relationship

The EU's commercial vehicles market grew by 34.7% in December, in its fourth consecutive month of growth. As a result, total registrations for 2013 were 1.0% higher than in 2012, at 1.71m units, despite the dismal start to the year.

Making and accepting international payments

A range of payment methods is available when trading internationally, but the method chosen needs to match the trading relationship with the overseas counterparty and the level of risk a business is prepared to accept

What can spoil the party now that most economists expect strong UK growth in 2014?

New passenger car registrations fell by 1.7% over 2013, despite a strong end to the year, according to the European Automobile Manufacturer's Association (ACEA). December registrations were up 13.3% year-on-year.

What’s up with Asian trade?

Under the soothing shade of Bali’s palm trees, the World Trade Organisation has negotiated the first deal in its 18-year history.

Transferring funds online

Online banking plays a hugely significant role in facilitating international trade. However, employee fraud and online phishing can present risks, as can unfamiliarity with international payment procedures

Don’t build a culture, brand it

Like brands, culture can rarely be manufactured, explains Ray Kieser, group managing director Europe at SGK, a global brand development and deployment company.

Maintain your reputation as a trusted exporter

From delivery delays to the condition of goods, transportation is a key aspect of trading that can impact on both your reputation and commercial relationships.

Protecting against market currency fluctuations

Dealing with currency fluctuations can be a consequence of international trade, but there are ways to mitigate the risk

Future-proofing Europe’s healthcare

Mark Pearson, Head of the Health Division at the OECD, explains the need to rethink health systems in Europe.

Protecting the corporation and personnel from money laundering, sanctions and bribery risks

From bribery to money laundering, the actions of a trading partner can affect a company's reputation so it is vital to apply thorough due diligence.

Avoid delays and costs when trading internationally

By failing to understand the importance of correct documentation, businesses can increase the risk of delays and costs.

Operating international bank accounts

Keeping in touch with customers and suppliers and having regular visibility of all bank accounts can help mitigate the risk of fraudulent activity when doing business internationally.

Chasing the bear

Russia is a notoriously tough market to crack, but EGR Group has successfully made its name there – and become the leader in its field.

Trade is a powerful tool

James Emmett, Global Head of Trade and Receivables Finance HSBC, speaks at Politico ProTrade launch event.

The eurozone’s creeping danger

The eurozone’s gradual recovery continues, with share prices well up and peripheral countries’ bond yields at four-year lows