ASEAN and the AEC: Diversity Epitomised

México se mantiene dentro de los 10 primeros lugares del índice 2017 de Logística de Mercados Emergentes a pesar del lento avance comercial global registrados en los últimos meses.

La información y la conectividad en la tesorería de la empresa son una necesidad que simplifican la gestión y dan una visión global de los movimientos.

 Encuesta Internacional del Renminbi

El uso del Renminbi en México, Estados Unidos y Canadá pasó de 5% a 15% en los últimos 12 meses, de acuerdo con la encuesta de HSBC realizada en 14 países.

Treasury trends in Asia: ‘The road ahead for treasurers’

Regulation across Asia, and beyond, is having a profound macro-level effect on corporate treasury activities. In parallel, the ongoing drive for efficiency is triggering some significant changes in the location and deployment of treasury and shared service centres. Mark Troutman, Regional Head of Sales of Global Payments and Cash Management for Asia-Pacific, and Yvonne Yiu, Acting Head of Global Payments and Cash Management for Asia-Pacific, at HSBC, discuss some of the most significant trends in the Asia-Pacific region from the perspective of corporate treasurers who are responding to them.

ASEAN and the AEC: Diversity Epitomised

ASEAN[1] has seen respectable growth over the last two to three years. However, with the introduction of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) due in 2015, hopes are high in some ASEAN countries for appreciable additional growth. Su Sian Lim, ASEAN Economist at HSBC, casts an eye over some of ASEAN’s most interesting economies, their future prospects, and those of the AEC.

A nivel mundial, el peso mexicano se ha consolidado como una moneda atractiva para las conversiones y transacciones internacionales.

Strategies for entering a new market

Simon Constantinides, HSBC’s Regional Head of Global Trade and Receivables Finance for Asia Pacific, explains why ASEAN-based companies, as well as those further afield, are well-positioned to capitalise on the opportunities made possible by regional trade flows and the unique resources of each member state.

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