Businesses should focus on boosting trade in services

Our annual forecast for global exports helps clients prepare for the future as far ahead as 2030.

Our annual forecast for global exports helps clients prepare for the future as far ahead as 2030.

Culture Snapshot: The Real US

A brief introduction to business culture in the United States

Brexit: the macroview

Mark Berrisford-Smith, Head of Economics for HSBC Commercial Banking, shared his thoughts on what businesses should look out for in the coming months.

The changing face of Consumer Demand – Is your business ready?

Changing demographics and consumer behaviours will present new opportunities to agile businesses in the coming decades whilst posing threats to some established marketing strategies, according to HSBC’s Future of Consumer Demand report.

Business Leaders Part 3: Cultural Differences

Two inspirational business leaders exchange ideas and insights on the cultural differences that exist between employees and customers

The US opportunity: what the UK mid-market is telling HSBC

How some UK companies are making the most of US opportunities

The Bengal tiger economy is still roaring, even if the acceleration of recent years may be difficult to sustain.

Strategies for entering a new market

“Be agile – and don’t overestimate your product”

An international strategy should be grounded in solid cash flow and the right talent. What’s more, the ability to evolve and adapt is a key requirement for any overseas entry.

Strategies for entering a new market

Asia trade: shaping the 21st century

Change in China is having an impact on patterns of trade around the world

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